Monday, 17 November 2014

Week beginning 10.11.14

It has been another very busy start to the new half term!

This week the children took part in cycling training. On Monday, they practiced basic skills in the playground. For the rest of the week they were out on the roads in small groups learning how to give way to cars, how to make U-turns and how to perform an emergency stop sensibly and safely. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, despite the weather!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week beginning 13.10.14

We have had another busy and very exciting week in Year 5!

On Wednesday the children created their own Ancient Greek pots using clay. These will be displayed in the classroom during parents evening for you to take a look at. Next week the children will finish these by painting them, using traditional Greek colours and designs.

We visited the British Museum on Friday to continue our learning about Ancient Greece. The children found out some interesting facts and produced some wonderful sketches of things they had seen throughout the Museum. All the children enjoyed their trip, particularly their visit to the gift shop, and were superbly behaved! Thank you to those parents who came with us, you were a great help.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Week beginning 06.10.14

We started a new topic in RE this week called life choices. We began by discussing how we can maintain a friendship. The children came up with some wonderful ideas and transferred these into a magazine article, giving advice on how to be a good friend. Later on in this unit we will be looking at family and marriage.
In English we have been continuing with our topic fables, myths and legends. The children finished writing their version of Robin Hood and they were all absolutely fantastic. We definitely have some budding authors in class 5! We will be finishing this unit before half term, by looking at myths in more detail.
We began looking at shape in maths this week. The children identified the properties of 2D shapes and worked out the perimeter of shapes where the lengths of some sides were missing. We will be continuing with shape next week, progressing onto calculating the area of different shapes.
We are continuing to study the Ancient Greeks in History. It is lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about this topic, with some children opting to take home information books to read in their own time.
The children are very enthusiastic during their computing lesson on a Wednesday with Mrs Luckhurst. They are using a programme called Scratch to create their own computer games. I know the children are fantastic with technology and have been a great help to her!
Class 5 enjoyed 2M’s fantastic assembly this Friday and are very much looking forward to their assembly at the end of November!

Friday, 3 October 2014

We have been very busy again this week!

TRING Dance lessons began this Tuesday. This was a pleasure to watch and all of the children seemed to really enjoy it. I hope they have been remembering their ‘golden strings’ at home!
In English we have been continuing with our topic fables, myths and legends. We watched a short version of Robin Hood and the children planned their own legend based on this story. The children wrote the opening paragraph which described the setting and characters and these were all fantastic. They will be continuing with their legends next week.
We have been looking at division in maths this week. This has been challenging for all of us, myself included! Everybody has impressed me with their hard work and perseverance though. Next week we will begin looking at shape.
We are continuing to study the Ancient Greeks in History. Some children acted out the Battle of Marathon for the class which was very entertaining! I have received lots of reply slips for our trip to the British Museum which is happening in two weeks time.
Class 5 enjoyed 3L’s fantastic Harvest assembly this Friday. Thank you to all those parents who brought something in. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Week beginning 22.09.2014

We have had another very busy week in year 5!

This Tuesday the children were lucky enough to have a visit from Friar Nicholas. He talked to the children about how he became a Friar, his daily life and his commitment to the church. The children impressed him very much with their prior knowledge and asked lots of interesting questions.
On Wednesday we had some more visitors. Along with the other children in KS2, year 5 watched dancers from ‘TRING Dance Company’ give a special performance. This was in preparation for the TRING dance lessons which will be taking place every Tuesday until half term. These lessons will begin next week and will replace indoor pe, which usually takes place on a Monday. Netball will continue as normal on a Thursday, which we are all really enjoying! We have some fantastic netball players in our class and I know the boys are looking forward to football after half term!

This week in RE we have been thinking about what makes us unique. The children produced some wonderful acrostic poems which have been displayed in the classroom.
In English we began our new topic-fables, myths and legends. Initially we identified the features of all three texts and have since been looking in more depth at fables. This Friday children wrote their own fables which were superb! Next week we will be looking at legends in more detail. If the children have any relevant books or dvds that they would like to bring in, they are very welcome to do so.
This week we have been looking at multiplication in maths. After recapping on the times tables and some multiplication facts, the children have been calculating sums with up to four digits using the grid method. Next week we will calculate sums using the vertical method.
We examined the growth of our cress seeds in science this week! We concluded that those seeds in the dark produced yellow cress due to a lack of sunlight. Those seeds in the light produced healthy green cress. The children measured the growth of the seeds in each condition and produced a table showing their results.
We are continuing to study the Ancient Greeks in History, which all of the children seem to be enjoying. Hopefully you have all received the letter about our exciting trip to the British museum in October!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Week beginning 15.09.14

Despite a very busy start to the new term, everybody is settling very well into year 5.

Last Tuesday marked the schools 50th anniversary. After mass with Bishop John, Year 5 released 50 golden balloons to celebrate this very special occasion. In the afternoon we designed and painted Salvador crosses, wrote some excellent Kennings poems and enjoyed cake and juice out on the field!

This Friday, Year 5 visited Harpenden Methodist Church to take part in a special peace day service. The children sang ‘From a Distance’ beautifully alongside the Year 6 class.

In RE we have been studying the creation story and the qualities which God has given us. We thought about how we display these qualities and how we hope to develop them in the future. The prayers that the children wrote for homework were fantastic. They have been compiled together in our class prayer book, which children will read from at times of prayer throughout the school day.

In English we have been looking at instructions. We have been focussing on the importance of the language used and the structure of the text. We wrote instructions for and then made our own Ancient Greek wreaths, based on our topic Ancient Greece.

We began by looking at place value in maths. We have since moved on to different methods of addition and subtraction. The children have surprised me with their ability to calculate very large numbers!

We began conducting an experiment in science this week. We are investigating the effect of light on the germination of seeds. The children planted cress seeds on cotton wool and placed some in the dark and others in the light. Next week we will be examining the difference in growth.

Next week we will also be starting a new topic in literacy-traditional stories, fables, myths and legends. We will be moving on to multiplication and division in maths. We will also continue to learn about the Ancient Greeks in History. If the children have any books or artefacts related to this topic that they would like to share with the class, please feel to bring these in.