Monday, 19 January 2015

Week beginning 12.01.15

After a much needed break over Christmas, year 5 have had a very busy start to the new Spring term!
We studied Roman numerals in maths this week. The children enjoyed converting large sums in Roman numerals into numbers, and then converting their answers back into Roman numerals. Next week we will be looking at sequencing whole numbers, decimals and fractions.
In literacy we have been studying explanation texts. The children all produced their own explanation texts and are becoming experts at editing and improving their own work! Next week we will be looking at discussion texts, starting with 'Children should be given detentions after school!'
In RE we have been thinking about community. The children researched the different Christian denominations, including Anglicans, Quakers, Baptist and Pentecostal. We discussed the ways in which these denominations are different and the similarities between them.
Our new topic in History for this term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We begun the topic by discussing the terms 'invaders' and 'settlers'. Then we talked about what we thought would make a good settlement and children designed a map of a settlement and labelled it with a scale and a key.
In Science this half term we are studying Space. The children calculated the diameter of the Earth, Moon and Sun and were quite astounded with the numbers they got! Consequently, we drew pictures to scale in our books! We then went on to look at the movement of the Earth and Moon in relation to the Sun. Thank you to everybody who has brought in books from home, we are very much enjoying gaining lots of fascinating facts from them.

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