Monday, 23 March 2015

Science, Maths and Engineering week

Year 5 enjoyed numerous activities over the course of Science, Maths and Engineering week.

On Tuesday morning the class took part in a Lego workshop. They worked in small groups to build something for the 'Lego Village'. They made some fantastic creations, including churches, schools, houses and boats. Some of the children made electric circuits inside their buildings which created light.

On Thursday morning the class created a 'Space Seed', based on their planning sheet which was completed for homework. There were a fantastic variety of materials used to create their seeds, including balloons, feathers, leaves and egg boxes! A big thank you for sourcing those.

Finally on Friday afternoon, the class took part in a scavenger hunt alongside Year 4. In small groups, the children were sent to various locations where they would find a clue. The answer to this clue was related to nature in some way. The children had to use the answers to these clues to complete a crossword. Afterwards, there was a sharing assembly for the whole school where some children went up to share some of their work from the week.

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