Friday, 12 June 2015

week commencing 08.06

It has been another extremely busy week in year 5!

We were delighted to welcome Mrs. Jones on Wednesday; who spoke to the class about the way she is using social media to campaign and raise money for Cancer Research, in memory of her mother. She uses a personal blog, Knickers Model's own, to show her daily clothing-all bought from Cancer Research charity shops. She writes about fashion in the blog but told children how she never gives out personal information. Using 144 characters, Mrs Jones has also got to be clever in writing a daily Twitter message to promote her message. She also talked to the children about Facebook and Instagram. We are really grateful for you giving up your free time to come and to talk to the class Mrs Jones. All of the children got so much out of it and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Also on Wednesday, the children had the opportunity to build cars fitted with an alarm system. This was all part of an ongoing D&T project about how electrical systems work. Mrs Luckhurst was extremely pleased with the enthusiasm shown by all children, and how well all children worked together in their groups. Below are some photographs of the end products!

This Friday was Sports Day. Every child took part in an event and tried their very best. I was so proud of how every child in year 5 conducted themselves. They supported their houses enthusiastically and congratulated each other on their successes.  Congratulations to St. Bernadette on the overall victory!

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