Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday 24th September 2015

What a wonderful Ancient Greece Day we have just had! The morning session revolved around role-play and the workshop stations. The children had the opportunity to make oil from olives to test facsimilie Greek oil lamps; to use traditional herbs and ingredients to create authentic medicinal cures; to make wax tablets from beeswax; to paint a Greek style fresco using natural dyes and to make clay charms. 

The children also re-enacted the Battle of Marathon in 490BC, when the Persian army were defeated by the Greek army.

In the afternoon we performed theatre and dance in an ampitheatre and enjoyed a victorious banquet. Bread, feta cheese, 'wine', fruit, dates, olives and sponge cakes drizzled with honey were served by a group of slaves and enjoyed by all!

Enjoy the photos!

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