Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week ending 18th September 2015

Apologies that it has taken a few weeks to get our blog up and running! Here's a summary of last week's learning:

Last week in Maths we worked with two and three digit numbers to secure all the methods we are using for addition and subtraction. We looked at various problems and discussed the strategies and methods that should be used to answer the question. We finished the week with one step and two step problem solving questions. 
In Literacy we have been learning about poetic features of free verse poems and preparing poems to read aloud. We looked at an amusing nonsense poem and then tried to write a class version which we were all proud of. We then had a go at writing, evaluating and editing our own rhyming poems. 
In Science we were trying to understand why unsupported objects fall towards the Earth. The children have asked some thought provoking questions about gravity and are intrigued to learn more about forces around them. 
We have been working hard to learn our parts for the assembly and are feeling very excited for Friday, when we can share with you all what we have been learning about in RE this term.

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