Thursday, 1 October 2015

Thursday 1st October 2015

The children have been looking at friction in Science this week. They have carried out an investigation to test different surfaces measuring how many Newton Meters are needed to move the sports shoe. They have also been confident to work out averages for each surface tested. Using the information they have moved on to evaluate and conclude their findings. More experiment work will take place next week!
In Maths children have been busy reading train announcements to work out the new times for the late train arrivals. If you need any train journeys planned in the future please get your child to look at a train timetable and work out the best times and quickest routes.  Children have also been working with digital and analogue times to write a TV planner and work out duration times for programmes that they enjoy. They have used timelines to help them to work out the journey from one place to another.

Next week our learning in Maths will focus on mental and written methods for subtraction. You could have a go at the subtraction section on Mathletics before hand if you wish!

In literacy the children have looked at various myths and compared the characters and the language used by the author.  Next week they will continue to learn about the structure and features of a Greek Myth and begin to write one themselves!

In History lessons, the children have been learning about the difference between Sparta and Athens during the Ancient Greek civilization. They wrote some fantastic diary entries about what life was like in one of the cities around that time!

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