Sunday, 18 October 2015

Week ending 16th October 2015

In music this week we were looking at African instruments, how they are made and the rhythm that is produced. We've had a go at creating 'cyclic patterns' so far, using drums and our own body percussion!

In Science this week we were learning about water resistance. The children were tasked with making a boat out of one sheet of A4 paper and sellotape. The purpose of the boat was to see how many paper clips it could hold before sinking. The children were so scientific with their approach they thought about how to make the boat waterproof and what shape would enable it to float for longer with weight on it. We compared gravity and water as a force and looked at marbles being dropped in various consistencies of liquid.

This week it has been World Week so we have had some exciting special days planned in class. On Science day the children had fun learning about planets and they made up a rhyme to help them remember the order of the planets from the sun. The children then played a game to get around the solar system.

In literacy the children have been summarising the themes behind all the myths we have studied so far in preparation for writing their own myth next week. As part of Literacy Day, they wrote letters for a competition. They had to apply for a job of their choice; these ranged from actors and actresses to spies to rugby coaches to teachers! They used some super persuasion to apply for each individual job!

In maths we have been problem solving all week. The children have learned about Pascal's triangle, trying to complete missing numbers in a triangular shape and  look for patterns. They also tried to make the numbers up to 20 using only four 4s each time. On another day they analysed the 100 square enabling them to find lots of patterns hidden away in numbers. The children also competed on Live Mathletics against children around the world, to earn points for St Dominic Catholic Primary School!

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