Friday, 9 October 2015

Week ending 9th October 2015

In maths this week the children have been working had to subtract 4 digit numbers using the compact method.  They are broadening their use of mental calculations week by week! Next week we are following '5 inspirational Maths lessons' in class. There will be lots of problem solving and reasoning opportunities in lessons!

Tring dance group have been in to teach the children some vital dance moves this week. The children have been having lots of fun. Postures have also been an important talking point. Ask your child about what the golden string means.

In Art the children have learned how to weave using card. They used their warp and weft to do so and next week will use their woven template to create a container. Thank you for sending in so many woven baskets!

In Computing lessons we have been learning how to crack codes in our new unit of work. This week the children in Year 5 learned how to send and receive messages in semaphore!

In science the children have learned about air resistance and Galileo. They have also carried out an investigation using spinners which they have planned and investigated with a partner. 

In English the children have written a diary entry for Daedalus to understand how he felt when he lost his son. They have also enjoyed reading Perseus who they say is extremely brave. Today they have written an amazing description of a mythical greek creature, which they invented themselves.

Today we enjoyed learning about Passover or Pesach, a Jewish festival in April. Certain foods are placed on a special plate called the Seder plate, including Matzah, charoset, a roasted egg, parsley and a lamb shankbone. We learned about why these types of foods are represented and then sang a Jewish song called 'Shalom Chaverim'.

Next week it's 'One World week'. The children will be taking part in a number of creative curriculum lessons!

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