Friday, 20 November 2015

Week ending 20.11.2015

It's been another busy week of learning in Year 5!

In DT we have been learning about frame structures. We went on a structure walk around the school and discussed the permanent and portable structures we could see.

 In Music we produced our own fantastic african dances!

 As part of anti-bullying week-Make some noise! - the children took part in a wonderful workshop on Tuesday called Sticks and Phones. They created freeze frames to demonstrate verbal, physical and cyber bullying situations. During the week, the children also produced some fantastic posters, which have now been displayed around school. They also created some thoughtful poems about bullies and bystanders. At the end of the week we watched (Think you know website: Jigsaw) which you may want to discuss with them at home. It is about sharing personal information online.

 In French this week we were learning about different clothes items and we practised questions and answers in role play in relation to clothing.

 In RE the children produced some fantastic posters about the Sacrament of Marriage and the marriage liturgy. They also wrote some lovely letters to you - their mums and dads- to tell you how much and why they appreciate you so much. Hopefully they will also share their ideas with you at home!

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