Friday, 6 November 2015

Week ending 6.11.2015

We've had a busy start to the half term, as always!

The children have been eagerly learning about mechanical devices in science this week. They have been finding out about levers, gears and pulleys. They have tried to create a mechanical device of their own using construction.

In Literacy they have created a class book with all the myths they have been writing. We were amazed at how well they presented their final piece of work and all the excitement to read their peers myths. They have also revised fronted adverbials and forms of parenthesis (using commas, dashes and hyphens) this week. They're looking forward to starting the new non-fiction unit 'Explorers' next week.

In maths the children have been learning a new method to multiply three digit numbers by a 1 digit number. Challenge them to teach you the ladder method! On Friday they learned about algebra and how to solve algebraic equations. They have some algebra homework to complete for next week.

In PE they have been looking at balancing symmetrically and asymmetrically using different parts of their bodies. 

In music the children have been using drums, bells and shakers to repeat cyclic patterns and increase the tempo. We are looking at African music and how various drums feature as the main instruments. 

In Art the children have now completed and evaluated their final greek clay container and will be bringing them home to show you this afternoon, along with their woven containers.  They look fantastic!

In RE this week we discussed what it means to have a mission and we reminded each other of the importance of being baptised. Different groups of children shared famous lines from Blessed John Newman, a scripture reading from the Ephesians and Church's Story 3. Then they wrote about their own missions / services they carry out on a weekly basis.

Today we discussed what it means to be an apostle. The children designed a 'wanted' poster for an apostle or prophet!

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