Friday, 29 January 2016

Week beginning 25.01.16

Here are some photos of Year 5 this week...they were very pleased to finally finish reading 'Oranges in No Man's Land' in Literacy. They wrote very good book reviews explaining why they enjoyed reading it. Some said they liked it because it was educational, teaching them about the civil war in Lebanon. Some pupils said they liked it because it was exciting and they were never sure what was going to happen. Next week they will be writing their own story...!

There are some photos of Year 5 singing the prayer that they learnt when they went to Alton Castle...they love singing this prayer and doing the actions. They have all taken home a laminated copy of the new prayer for the Year of Mercy to learn.

Next week in Maths they will be learning about the properties of triangles and weights and measures. They will convert between different units of measure e.g. kilometres to metres, metres to centimetres, etc.

In French they will learn how to say what they do everyday - daily routines....for example, I wake up, je me réveille.

On Friday morning Katie Waring came to visit from the Westminster Children's Society. She gave an interesting assembly thanking the school for all the money they raised last year and explaining how the money was used to help families in the diocese.

Next Wednesday morning, it's off to the public library...we will let you know how that goes.
Have a good weekend!

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