Friday, 26 February 2016

Week Beginning 22.02.16

The children have been busy and have settled in well this week. They have started a new topic in Science and have had fun testing out which materials absorb the most water.

In Maths they have been focussing on multiplication of two digit numbers using the grid method. They have also started short division with 3-digit numbers.
Next week they will focus on fractions finding unit fractions and non-unit fractions of 3-digit numbers. They will also use short multiplication to multiply 3-digit numbers by single-digit numbers.  
In Topic we are learning about the Mayan Civilisation. On Thursday we looked at how the society was organised and the children completed a venn diagram which compared the freemen and the nobles. They also created a timeline of the key events in Mayan history.

Half the class were busy this week practicing for the Spring Festival ‘I Got Rhythm’, which will be on 9th March at the Harpenden Public Halls. They sounded great!

In Literacy the class are enjoying the new non-fiction unit, ‘The Museum of Fun’. They have looked at the features of a non-fiction text and a report text. They also wrote their own dictionary entries about fairground rides and used adverbials of place and time to link ideas in a text.

Everyone is looking forward to World Book Day next Thursday. We will be decorating our classroom door to look like the front cover of ‘Oranges in No-Man’s Land’ – the book we read recently in Literacy lessons. The year 5s have been given a fun task to do for homework this week which is linked to World Book Day…to design the front cover of a book!

Mrs Sandhu and Miss Hanefey were very impressed with some of the beautiful designs handed in this week for the Year of Mercy logo competition. The Liturgy team will take the best 3 designs to Mrs O’Brien on Monday and she will have the difficult task of choosing the best design from all the classes in the school!

Have a good weekend!

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