Friday, 12 February 2016

Week beginning 08.02.16

Well, five and a half weeks have flown by and it’s already the half-term holiday! Year 5 were obviously very excited today on the last day of the half-term. They were excited to perform their rap ‘Gran, can you rap?’ (by Jack Ousbey) at the poetry recital in the hall this morning and they did really well.

Just before the poetry recitals from all year groups, Mrs O’Brien asked Abigail to come up to the front of the hall to receive a certificate from WWF and a cuddly toy tiger! Abigail and Aine organised a fundraising activity in school to raise £40 so that the school could sponsor a tiger for one year. What an achievement!

There are lots of photos to show you from this week. On Wednesday Mrs Gritz came to the Ash Wednesday Mass and after the Mass she had a lovely reunion with the class. She had brought her beautiful baby boy, Jack, with her and the children were really happy to meet him.

There are photos of the Year 5s in RE today…they worked in groups of 3 to create a poster/mind-map all about the recent topic ‘Mission’. Miss Hanefey was very impressed with how well they worked together in their teams. Their posters showed a very good understanding of the topic and were creative and eye-catching. It was very good preparation and revision ready for the short assessment they will have after the holiday.

When we return from the holiday we will be starting a new non-fiction unit of work in Literacy called ‘The Museum of Fun’. They will read an interactive eBook, scanning and summarising information and relating it to their lives and experience. They complete the mission, planning, writing and presenting television adverts to encourage people to visit the museum.

In Maths we will be learning about multiplication using the grid method to multiply 2-digit by 2 digit numbers. We will also be looking at division, using short division to divide 3-digit by 1-digit numbers with no remainders and with integer remainders.

In Science Mrs Sandhu will be teaching ‘Properties and Changing Materials’.
Year 5 have a short story to write for homework during the holiday and we are asking for five entries in their Reading Record instead of the usual three since they have a whole week off! Rise to the challenge!

Have a happy and safe holiday and see you on 22nd February!

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