Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Well, the last week of term was a very prayerful one in school, as it should be during Holy Week. Monday and Tuesday saw the hall transformed into a prayer room full of different prayer stations. The children had opportunities to encounter God through various creative activities.
There were also opportunities to mediate in class in the morning and afternoon. Children wrote their own prayers in their prayer journals. They reflected on a slide show of beautiful photos of the natural world…God’s creation.
Year 5 managed to raise about £135 from their four stalls on Wednesday afternoon during the fundraising. There was a sweet stall, a snack stall, a book stall and a spa stall. They should be very proud of their efforts.
Gideon was lucky and won an Easter egg in the Year 6 Easter Raffle on Thursday. A few other pupils did and Mrs Sandhu won too!
We were all sad to have to say goodbye to Mrs O’Neil after 8 years at St Dominic, but she received a warm send off during the Final Assembly on Thursday. Every class in the school presented her with a beautiful hand - made card full of messages of thanks and wishing her luck in her move to Wales. It was also a lovely surprise to see some parents at the end of the day come into the class and present Mrs O’Neil with flowers and presents. She really will be missed.
Lots of certificates were given out on Thursday; Ben got the Golden Moment Certificate for Spirituality, Sophia Rickett was awarded the RE certificate, Abigail won the Writing Certificate, Zita got the Meerkat Learner of the Week bookmark for being Enthusiastic and Jamie got the one for being Engaged. Well done to you all!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday…don’t forget to keep up with your reading and practice your times tables. Also, we are very impressed with the work we have received so far about the Mayans and excited to see the rest when we return on 12th April….!

See you then.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Science, Maths and Engineering Week!

Well, yet again, we have lots of fun photos to show you all the interesting things we’ve done this week!
Year 5 went out every day for their cycle training. They learnt a lot about road safety! Soon they will receive their certificates and badges…
This week was ‘Science, Maths and Engineering Week’ so the class enjoyed an entire day of science on Wednesday. They carried out four experiments in one day! One involved separating mud from water. The children used various materials as filters to find the best one. Another experiment involved putting their index fingers in icy water. One finger was coated in vegetable fat to see if it acted as an insulator.
On Tuesday we had a day of Topic – the Ancient Mayans. The class learnt about the myth of The Hero Twins. They also looked at the drawings of the explorer Frederick Catherwood, who discovered Mayan ruins in the 1800s.
On Friday Mrs Ishikawa came in especially to give a talk to the class about finance and investment banking. She worked on Wall Street for 3 years! It was really interesting.
The week ended with a cross country run in aid of Sports Relief. All those 50ps will make a lot of money for people in need in the UK and in the poorest countries of the world. So, well done for your contribution to the fundraising Year 5!
Next week is of course Holy Week. So, Mrs Ward-Tsang has organised a whole programme of prayerful activities that will take place around the school. The hall will have prayer stations where the children can spend time praying and reflecting on God using a range of mediums. Year 5 will spend some time in the prayer garden on Wednesday morning. We hope that pupils and staff will encounter God in their own personal way during the week.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Week beginning 07/03/16

Another busy week! It was lovely to see all the parents of Year 5 on Monday and Tuesday evening. Parents’ evening is always a great opportunity for us as teachers to praise and congratulate. It was lovely to be able to tell you how lovely your children are…although we know you know that already! It is a pleasure to teach them. The class as a whole are always keen to learn and ready to get involved. They are enthusiastic and friendly and we often laugh while we learn!
 You can see some photos of the class enjoying their learning in English this week when they wrote scripts for a 30 second television advert aimed at persuading viewers to visit the museum of fun. They will perform next week in class.
On Wednesday evening half the class sang at the Spring Festival at Harpenden Public Hall. They looked so smart in their ties and white shirts standing amongst all the other pupils from the other twelve schools. They sounded beautiful and looked very confident. They managed to learn 9 songs (some with actions) with only three or four practices! They really enjoyed the evening, as you can see from the photos!
A lot of preparation went into the Year 5 class Mass which was celebrated today by Fr Michael. It was lovely to see so many parents there. All the children contributed to the Mass in some way and Fr. Michael even asked for four volunteers during the Homily to help him make a very good point about promises! There are some lovely photos of the children taken in the prayer garden which we put into a power-point that was shown at the end of the Mass. Each pupil had a speech bubble next to their face quoting what they said about their Lenten promises. Here are some of the very admirable comments; ‘I gave up chocolate to think about other people not so lucky as me’, ‘My Lenten promise helps me to remember Jesus in the desert and what He did for us all’ and ‘Lent helps me get closer to God’. This last one made people chuckle a bit: ‘I promised to give up chocolate but the next day I accidently ate a snickers bar. It lasted 24 hours. Oh dear!’ It’s never too late to start again!
Next week most of the class will be doing their cycle training. We have split the class into two groups so we will teach Group A in the morning while Group B will have their training and then swap in the afternoon.
We are looking forward to seeing some amazing Mayan projects in a couple of weeks…they are due on Thursday 24th March.

Have a good weekend…hopefully the sun will shine!