Friday, 18 March 2016

Science, Maths and Engineering Week!

Well, yet again, we have lots of fun photos to show you all the interesting things we’ve done this week!
Year 5 went out every day for their cycle training. They learnt a lot about road safety! Soon they will receive their certificates and badges…
This week was ‘Science, Maths and Engineering Week’ so the class enjoyed an entire day of science on Wednesday. They carried out four experiments in one day! One involved separating mud from water. The children used various materials as filters to find the best one. Another experiment involved putting their index fingers in icy water. One finger was coated in vegetable fat to see if it acted as an insulator.
On Tuesday we had a day of Topic – the Ancient Mayans. The class learnt about the myth of The Hero Twins. They also looked at the drawings of the explorer Frederick Catherwood, who discovered Mayan ruins in the 1800s.
On Friday Mrs Ishikawa came in especially to give a talk to the class about finance and investment banking. She worked on Wall Street for 3 years! It was really interesting.
The week ended with a cross country run in aid of Sports Relief. All those 50ps will make a lot of money for people in need in the UK and in the poorest countries of the world. So, well done for your contribution to the fundraising Year 5!
Next week is of course Holy Week. So, Mrs Ward-Tsang has organised a whole programme of prayerful activities that will take place around the school. The hall will have prayer stations where the children can spend time praying and reflecting on God using a range of mediums. Year 5 will spend some time in the prayer garden on Wednesday morning. We hope that pupils and staff will encounter God in their own personal way during the week.
Have a lovely weekend!

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