Saturday, 23 April 2016


This week in Science the Year 5s planted lettuce, radish and spring onion seeds. They could try this for homework too and take photos of the results to show the class.
The new Art unit of work is linked to the topic, so for the next six weeks we will be looking at beautiful Anglo-Saxon art. This week the children used the i-pads to research different designs of brooches. Next week they will make their own brooch using card.
In English we read to chapter 4 of ‘Christophe’s Story’ and learnt more about the young refugee from Rwanda. The class learnt about the different attitude towards story telling in Rwanda. They then planned and rehearsed an oral retelling of Christophe’s story which was a challenge for the memory! One group performed for the class.
Next week we will compare Christophe’s experience to that of evacuees in the Second World War. The children will write a letter from Christophe the refugee to David the evacuee to explore Christophe’s feelings about moving to the UK. We will also read chapter 5 and try to draw inferences from the text.
In Maths we will find change and calculate the difference between two amounts using counting up. We will also solve word problems, including 2-step problems involving addition and subtraction, choosing an appropriate method. We will multiply fractions less than 1 by whole numbers, converting improper fractions to whole numbers.
Lots to learn!
Have a lovely weekend!

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