Saturday, 16 April 2016

Amazing Ancient Mayan Projects!

Well, the Year 5s have really impressed us with the homework they have brought to school this first week back after the Easter holiday. Emma’s presentation was about music and dance and she actually made two musical instruments! Alfie, Lewis, Aine, Conor Walsh and Zita made model temples. We were really impressed with the range of ideas. Oliver was very imaginative and creative with the way he presented his research on Mayan food. He wrote a restaurant guide full of reviews of imaginary restaurants, bistros and cafes in various Mayan cities. James created a very informative power point presentation all about the gods and goddesses. Sophia wrote a really imaginative diary about a week in the life of a Mayan Noble. Bruno wrote a lovely poem. Jessica made a 15 minute movie! She recorded her voice reading from 6 pages of research which must have taken hours and hours! Grace made a beautiful, colourful mask and Isabel made a tree and wrote her research on the leaves! All their hard work is on display in the link area for a couple of weeks so the rest of the school can enjoy looking at it and learn from it! In fact, one little boy from Year 3 commented on Matthew’s impressive model of the Mayan ball games one day when he was walking through…he went to Mexico during the Easter holiday and saw the real thing! We hope you enjoy the photos…
Next Tuesday at 11am will be the ‘Spelling Bee’ competition and Lily will be representing the class. Good luck Lily!
In Science we have started the unit ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. As part of the unit we will be planting radish, lettuce and spring onion seeds and watching them grow over the coming weeks. The Science homework task set this week also challenges the children to try growing a plant at home too. They could take photos of their plant to show the class the different stages of growth.

It has been a great start to the summer term! Have a good weekend.

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