Sunday, 29 May 2016

Last week before half-term!

Well, it was a busy week as usual! Here are just some of the things that happened…
On Monday Year 5 visited an Anglo-Saxon village, which helped to bring their Topic subject alive.
On Wednesday year 5 did really well in Art. They made a little bag to hold their runes pebbles. A big thank you to Mrs Fisher who spent ages cutting out all the material to the correct size ready for the lesson! Year 5 used the running stitch and over stitch to sew their bags together. Then they used a fabric pen to write their initials on the front of the bag. We were very impressed with their sewing skills!  
In Literacy we looked at relative clauses and the children produced interesting reports about animal migration. They put a lot of effort into their presentation. Some pupils decided to make 3-D pop-ups from card which they wrote on to present their research in an interesting way.
Aine took some lovely photos during PE on Friday as she had to rest her knee. Well done Aine, they came out great! Year 5 did four activities to practice for the Sports morning on 24th June; sprinting, hurdles, egg and spoon race and skipping.
Aine and Isabel A showed everyone the swimming medals they had won at the weekend, in the Final Assembly on Friday. Congratulations to Lottie for being awarded the RE certificate, Conor O for getting the writing certificate and Isabel A for getting the Golden Moment! Mrs Warrington was presented with beautiful cards from every class and some lovely flowers to wish her well with the birth of her baby.

We wish you all a very happy and safe half-term holiday!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bananas and iguanas!

In Literacy this week the children really enjoyed the Grammar lesson on determiners, where they sang along to a rap about bananas and iguanas! You can see photos below of them singing along and making actions to go with the rap!
“The banana, a banana,
This banana, that banana,
These bananas, those bananas,
Some determiners!”
We start the new non-fiction unit on Monday called ‘Animals on the move’. Their English homework this week is linked to the new unit to help them prepare for it. We have asked them to create a Glossary of the key words in their English homework book.
We were really impressed with the prayers that year 5 wrote during the RE lesson on Friday. They read the prayer ‘Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful…’ and wrote their own version. There are some photos of the children reading their prayers to the class.
In computing on Wednesday the year 5s continued to work on their posts for the primary blog. Sophia E, Jessica and Luke published their posts during the lesson and we were able to read them on the blog! Very exciting!
We are looking forward to Monday morning when the theatre group will visit the school…

See you next week!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Week beginning 02.05.16

This week we have some photos of the children having fun writing their posts for their very own 'blog'! In computing they are learning how to write and post on a blog and they have lots of interesting things to share! We sent a letter home on Friday explaining about the primary blog with a username and password so that you can access it at home. E-safety is, of course, very important and we discussed this during the computing lesson on Wednesday.

In Literacy this week the children enjoyed planning their own story based on an event in their life. They used planning sheets to help them with clear headings; Opening, Build-up, Problem, Resolution, Ending. They will write their own personal narratives next week, hopefully creating interesting settings, plots and characters.

In Numeracy the children did well dividing and multiplying numbers with two and three decimals places. They learnt the pattern of moving the decimal point to the right for dividing, making the number smaller, and left for multiplying, making the number bigger.

In Topic the children have been learning about Anglo-Saxon religion and beliefs. They know that they were pagans and have researched many gods that they worshipped. We are all excited for our trip and are really looking forward to experiencing how the Anglo-Saxons lived!

Congratulations to Aine on winning so many medals and two trophies for Irish Dancing! She was called up in Assembly with some other girls on Friday by Mrs O'Brien to explain all about the competition. Mrs O'Brien was very impressed at how they understood all the complicated catagories for all the different dances!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful sun shine this weekend!