Saturday, 9 July 2016

'Grease is the Word'!

Year 5 and 6 have been rehearsing for the school production really hard this week. We are sure it will be amazing next Tuesday and Wednesday. We didn't set homework this week because obviously the children will be giving up two evenings next week so it wouldn't be fair. They can keep practising those songs though! They need to be word perfect with those lyrics.

On Wednesday afternoon Year 8 pupils from Sir John Lawes came to teach French! They had made all the resources themselves. They had flash cards to teach vocabulary about clothes, colours, pets, sports, subjects etc. Year 5 really enjoyed the session.

It was lovely to see so many parents on Thurday at the Celebration evening. We hope you were impressed by all the lovely work that was displayed in the classroom.

Well done to Lottie for getting the Golden Moment for showing the value of wisdom! Well done to Ben for getting the Meerkat for being active in his learning!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Catapults, violins and yummy bread!

On Tuesday, Year 5 enjoyed a Design and Technology session using K’NEX. The challenge was to design and build a catapult that would fire a table tennis ball over a wall. The children worked collaboratively in groups of 2 and produced some ingenious designs. Well done to the children for taking part with such enthusiasm. We had 1 pair of winners who will be entered into the Hertfordshire competition. They were Matthew and Isobel. Well done to you both!
On Wednesday the children confidently pitched their products that they have been designing for younger children, to a very serious panel of buyers. The children did extremely well under pressure and answered all the questions well. I am sure in the future we will see many of them appearing on Dragons Den! They all managed to get many orders for their creative and educational games. 
On Wednesday afternoon it was baking time again! The children worked in groups of three very sensibly. They mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough and we had a French lesson while we waited for the dough to rise. Some children added herbs or seeds to their dough. Others were a bit more adventurous adding chocolate chips, bananas or sun-dried tomatoes! There were such a variety of shapes too. I hope you enjoyed eating your creations! They smelt delicious!
Thursday was Art and D&T Day. The day began with an interesting assembly about British art and design. Each class looked at the work of a contemporary British artist and ours was Beryl Cook. The children were lucky to have the help of Mrs Smith in the morning who gave them tips on sketching figures. By 2.30pm they had each painted a scene based on the style of Cook. Then all the classes went on a tour of the school, visiting the other classes to see their wonderful work. The children wrote complimentary comments on post-it notes and left them around the art. The Year 5s really enjoyed the day. Abi said she would love to be an artist when she’s older. Can I have a signed copy of your work when you become famous?!
On Friday we were very proud to see Sophia E and Aine play in the violin concert. They looked very calm and relaxed and played beautifully.

We hope you enjoy the photos…