Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday 25th November 2016

5SG have had yet another very busy week! Here are some photos of their learning:

The children were working on some routines involving balances, in small groups in gymnastics this week.

 In Science the children learned that the size of the air resistance force causes objects to fall at different rates. They experimented, finding out how the number of paper clips affected the time the spinner takes to fall.

 In English, the children have been working hard to put together persuasive TV adverts to encourage people to visit 'The Museum of Fun'.

 In Computing the children have begun to crack codes (in our cryptography unit). They used semaphore flags to send messages to each other. Then they cracked a code on their whiteboards!

In RE, the children showed role plays to demonstrate different 'waiting' situations as part of our new unit of work 'Hope'. We used the technique of 'freeze frame' to find out their thoughts and what the character in the role play was hoping for.

Finally, congratulations to Finn for winning a special prize in a recent 'Autumn' display held at the town hall. 

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