Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Ancient Greek Day

The children in year 5 had an exciting day on Tuesday when they were taken back in time to 490BC. In the morning they were busy carrying out various workshops involving wax tablet making, pottery painting and mosaic making in true Greek style.

Whilst the children had fun making a variety of Greek items in the background near Athens the Battle of Marathon raged. The children took the roles of Athenian Citizens during the battle, discussing the events that led to the pivotal date in Greek history, and to the rise of Athens as a major power in the ancient world.

During the  afternoon session the children performed a Greek dance, song or play to entertain their audience in a theatre setting. The best part was being served Greek food by the salves.

What a truly educational, exciting and enjoyable day for everyone involved. A big thank you to all the wonderful parents who helped on the day.

Here are some Indoor Athletics photos from Monday's PE session too:

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