Monday, 24 April 2017

Welcome back!

On Wednesday, the whole school gathered for the first assembly of our new term and our Paschal candle was lit for the first time.

In English, we have started the term being 'word detectives'; learning dictionary skills, learning spelling strategies to learn and spell homophones and 'ible and able' words (which are the new spelling words set for this new week). Today we started the new unit 'Orange's in No Man's Land'; a text we feel will really challenge the children. It will allow us to explore role play, reading strategies and different genres of writing.

We are pleased that so many children have been reading a lot over Easter. Do let us know if you would like any advice regarding texts aimed at Year 5 pupils. We have a wide variety of books in the classroom, which we can recommend too.

In Maths we have been revisiting mental strategies (adding and subtracting money). Over this term will be be revising past concepts and encouraging 5SG to do lots of problem solving and reasoning.

Please be aware that a letter detailing arrangements for swimming lessons and this term’s Curriculum Overview have been sent out via Parentmail. 

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