Friday, 19 May 2017

Week ending 19th May 2017

In Literacy this week, the children have used their knowledge of the book 'Oranges in No Man's Land' to write creative stories from another character's point of view. They have particularly been focussing on using powerful vocabulary to describe characters and the war torn streets of Beirut, during the civil war. They have also been trying hard to include similies, metaphors, interesting openers (including 'ed' and 'ing' openers) and a range of sentence structures. They will be completing their stories next week and are looking forward to sharing them with you!

In Maths the children have been learning about coordinates and how to reflect and translate a range of polygons in quadrants. The children are brilliant at explaining their learning:

They played 'articulate' this morning to describe and guess different key mathematical vocabulary. Next week they will be drawing shapes accurately, following detailed instructions and taking part in some problem solving activities.

It's been a very active week in 5SG, very fitting for 'Walk to School week'! Despite the rain, the children have been in fantastic spirits, completing their Cycling course and they received well earned certificates this afternoon.

In DT, the children have really enjoyed the start of our 'Bread' unit. They tried a variety of breads last week and described them and rated them from 1 to 10. This week we talked about the hygiene rules we will need to follow when we are baking. The children thought carefully about what they will need to do at each stage of the baking process next week. On the last day of term the children will follow a basic baking recipe in groups of three and will experiment creating different forms of bread.
Thank you to all of the parents who have offered to help !

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Friday 5th May 2017

Despite it being a short week after the bank holiday weekend, 5SG have fitted a lot in! In DT the children designed their own greek temples before half term and were very proud of the final products. We were impressed by their thoughtful evaluation responses.

In Science the children are learning about asexual reproduction. They took a cutting from a geranium plant and they're observing the cutting to see when it develops roots. Once the roots are developed we are hoping to plant it in compost to create our own cloned plant.

In Computing this week we have been improving the webpages created on our Wikispaces website about E-Safety. The children created different design layouts and added images from copyright free image websites. They then had an opportunity to explore each other's pages.

 In RE we have been learning about the story of Saul (Paul) and transforming power of the Holy Spirit. After retelling the story in their own words, the children recreated different scenes using role play:

In Maths this week the children have been consolidating their understanding of the grid, long and short multiplication methods. They have been solving some brilliant nrich problems in class, developing their reasoning. Next week they will be learning about numbers with 3 decimal places and, in doing so, will develop their place value knowledge and understanding.

In English the children have been exploring the changing emotions of the main character of the story 'No Man's Land', a story set in the civil war in Beirut. They have produced a wonderful display of work on the top KS2 corridor - please do come and have a look!

Many thanks for all of your swimming slips and money back and thank you to those parents who are able to help walk the children back and forth from the swimming pool in a few weeks time! They are really looking forward to the start of the sessions.