Sunday, 25 June 2017

Week ending Friday 23rd June 2017

5SG had a wonderful day on Thursday 22nd June, visiting Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple near Watford. They spent the day deepening their understanding of the Hindu faith. When they first arrived, after a very excitable coach ride, they had a presentation explaining the foundation of the Hindu faith, the Trimurti and about other hindu Gods. They also heard stories from the Hindu holy books and some children were dressed as certain Gods and Goddesses.  They listened attentively and shared their knowledge and asked excellent questions.

They spent the rest of the day visiting the farm and learned about why the cow is sacred to a Hindu. They loved the cart ride and feeding the cows and then had the opportunity to walk around the beautiful gardens and visit certain shrines. The children were also treated to a special facepainting session and they dressed as Hindu warriors or goddesses and visited the main temple shrine during a prayer session. They were very respectful and we were very proud of them!

We all sat down to a delicious lunch of basmati rice and pea and paneer curry with indian crackers and chips, before having  final facepainting and souvenir shop sessions. It was then sadly time to make our way home!

We were treated to another day of sunshine for Sports Day this year. On Friday morning, after our swimming session, we head straight back to school for Sports Day. The children competed in a number of different races and showed enthusiasm, excellent sportsmanship and support for each other. We spent the afternoon writing wonderful recounts of our RE visit from the previous day and completing a PSHE lesson. The children have approached the 'Changing me' unit with maturity and have asked some very sensible questions. I look forward to our future discussions over the coming weeks!

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