Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday 13th July 2017

The children thoroughly enjoyed a Knex Challenge workshop they recently took part in. They worked brilliantly in teams to complete the challenge. Apologies these photos have been a little delayed in posting!

In Art, we have been learning about Anglo-Saxon jewellery. Last week the children created superb brooches, using their knowledge of how these were designed. Brooches were known as dalc or spennels to the Anglo-Saxons. They were mainly worn by women, especially between AD450 and 650. Women wore brooches in pairs in order to fasten their dresses, whereas single brooches were probably used to fasten cloacks. Brooches were usually made of  bronze (copper alloy) but were sometimes made of iron and and decorated with gold or silver.

Some Sir John Lawes Year 9 pupils visited us last week and led games they had prepared to revisit some of the french vocabulary we had learned this year.

In English the children in 5SG have worked hard to develop a prototype of a game for younger children. They have taken part in market research, worked well in teams to develop their ideas to improve their product designs and next week they will be pitching their products to some toy representatives from leading supermarkets!

In PSHE, we have finished our unit now entitled 'Changing me'. The children have been learning about the physical and emotional changes which occur during primary and secondary school and yesterday we invited some Year 6 children to talk specifically about the transition period between Year 5 and 6! 5SG came up with some really good questions to ask them and the Year 6 pupils reassured them that they have a wonderful year ahead. I know they are very much looking forward to spending some time with their new class teacher this afternoon.

Mrs Sandhu and I were really proud of all the children in our class who performed 'School of Rock' last night - they sang beautifully!! We hope you enjoyed the show!

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